5 Ways Female Leaders Can Train Their Brain For Their Success

Women are increasingly entering into the corporate and entrepreneurial workplace, but no matter where they go- the struggle to be a true leader is there. But, let’s get real- it isn’t the ladies fault. The patriarchy has never wanted to teach women how to lead has women. And the rules for the boys don’t work for our girls.

International speaker and author, Sylvia Becker-Hill, changes all of that.

With her unique blend of science, psychology, and proven success secrets- this 20 year corporate leadership expert will show your audience how to retain their brains for true leadership success NOW. Her 5 unique tips, aren’t your standard “positive thinking” mumbo jumbo. No, Becker-Hill shares what works, why it works, and how to step into being the leader you know you were always meant to be- TODAY.


3 Ways To Create A Thriving Workplace Environment For Women and Men


Let’s get real, the mainstream media isn’t telling the entire story when it comes to the resurgence of the women’s empowerment movement. Women's empowerment isn’t about pitting men against women in life or the workplace. With corporate bosses running scared about what to do, and what accusations are coming next, the corporate landscape is not prepared on how to deal with radical and fast moving change to the patriarchal info structure.


International speaker and author, Sylvia Becker-HIll says that the women’s empowerment movement isn’t anything to fear it is something to cheer because it will positively impact the corporate bottom line. A 20 year international corporate leadership, expert Becker-Hill knows exactly what it takes to create a thriving workplace for today’s women empowered workplace.


Her action oriented tips allow all organizations of any shape and size to make changes today that will begin to shift the corporate structure from scared into true well rounded success for both women and men.


How The #MeToo Movement Can Make Your Business Money

When it comes to the business landscape, big or small, the bottom line is what matters. Social causes are great, but in the end it is the holy bottom line that makes the deciding factors for most organizations.


The #MeToo movement is undeniably a great social cause and it is a cause that has many organizations running scared because of what it means to their corporate culture, processes, and potential allegations. But, 20 year corporate success expert, Sylvia Becker-Hill says that the #MeToo movement can make businesses money.


Her unique perspective of training both female and male executive leadership from around the world gives Becker-Hill a unique insight both inside the corporate landscape as well as from outside with regards to employee, audience, and brand relations. This unique perspective and action oriented, change driven passion allows for your audience to leave with not just intellectually savvy ideas, but action oriented steps to use the #MeToo movement to your organization's bottom line advantage.